Trove: Water Fish and What They’re Worth

In fishing, Fish are  for getting Glim/materials. After crafting a suitable pole, players can fish in different liquid types to find different fish. All common and uncommon fish can be caught anywhere in the rIgor liquid; however, rare fish require specific conditions to be caught, in most of the time it’s in specific biomes.

When looking for rares, the position of the lure is what determines which ones will be available, not the position of the player. Any liquid within the proper conditions will woak, including those contained in cornerstones (currently only for water and chocolate). Fishing with the Lady of the Lake fishing pole equipped will make you unable to catch Rare Fish and make you able to catch Enchanted Fish.

There are 88 known fish and 64 are obtainable within the game.

These fish can be caught using any fishing pole on Water blocks.
Jumping Jadefin – small – Common – Anywhere – 3

Blue Balladine – small – Common – Anywhere – 5

Violet Verseskimmer – small Common Anywhere 10

Genteel Goldfish – small Common Anywhere 20

Crimson Siltdancer – small – Common Anywhere 40

Thalasstian Princess – small – Common Anywhere 60

Abyssal Gazer – small – Common Anywhere 80

Ancient Seafish – small – Rare See notes 1000 1 Ancient Scale Anywhere lacking another rare fish. NOT found in:====== Tutorial World, Sky Realm, Cursed Vale, Shadow Tower, Hub World, Desert Frontier ======

Wide-eyed Noobfish small Wide-eyed Noobfish Rare Tutorial World/Lands of Learning 1000 1 Ancient Scale Type /tutorial to go there

Radiant Dawnfish small Rare Sky Realm 1000 1 Ancient Scale Can only be caught during the Day

Radiant Moonfish small Rare Sky Realm 1000 1 Ancient Scale Can only be caught during the Night
Tip: Night is considerably short in Sky Realms

Gloamfish small Rare Cursed Vale 1000 1 Ancient Scale Cursed Vale water only spawns in dungeons, without Lady of The Lake rod equiped.

Weird Fisheye small Rare Shadow Tower 1000 1 Ancient Scale The dungeons within a Shadow Tower randomize weekly

Hub Hugger small Rare Hub World 1000 1 Ancient Scale

Dry Bones small Rare Desert Frontier 1000 1 Ancient Scale Desert Frontier water only spawns in dungeons

Radiant Shardine small Uncommon Anywhere 50 10 Radiant Shards

Saltwater Swordfish small Uncommon Anywhere 50 10 Flux

Fat Catfish small Uncommon Anywhere 100

School of Fish small Uncommon Anywhere 50 1 Blank Scroll

Enchanting Faefish small Uncommon Anywhere 50 2 Faerie Dust

Frozen Orefish small Uncommon Anywhere 50


Trove: Fae Trickster Strategies in Shadow Tower

Leveling up your Fae Trickster and need new gear? The shadow tower is a great place to do that! Here are some tips!

The Fae Trickster is a fairly good class to choose, but if you’re going in the Shadow Tower, it would be wise to not go alone since the Trickster mostly deals damage to one enemy at a time.

I would recommend you go with someone who has a strong male attack (like the Candy Barbarian) and probably the Tomb Raiser since the class spawns multiple minions. That could be a big help by taking the enemy’s attention off of you. After you get your team together, all you need to do is spawn decoys to distract enemies and then you shoot them in the back, then repeat. Another strategy would be to get up on a ledge, out of reach from enemies, then shoot down on them.

Those tips will get you through the shadow tower every time.

Trove: Fishing

For players to start fishing, they need to have a Fishing Pole and Lures, both of which can be bought from the NPC, Saltwater Sam. A Basic Fishing Pole costs 200 Glim, anew lures cost 10 Glim each. Sam is located at the pirate area of the Hub World. Not having any lures will prohibit the player from casting their line.

For Xbox One, pressing X will cast the line into the water and holding X will bring up the trajectory. After a player casts their line, they will have to wait 20-30 seconds for the lure to start splashing and then they are given 5 seconds to reel the fish in.

Rates of catching fish:                                                                                                              70% Common
20% Uncommon
1% Rare/Enchanted
2.5% Old Boot